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Bubble wrap and Exploded Ink

Apr 29

Eight new backgrounds have just been added. This group was made with India ink, bubble wrap, stamps from the Brooklyn flea market and the ink from a dry erase marker I tampered with (I ignore warning stickers about exploding ink, you know, because I’m a rebel).

I also have a Tumblr now, for posting stuff that I didn’t make. It’s mostly pretentious literary quotes, old photos (like the one above), and animated gifs of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


The dizzying stench of minty freshness

Oct 27

Hi again. I’ve added nine new backgrounds.

To make this set I used drippy printer ink, tracing paper, the lace from an old tank-top and all manner of paper scraps lying around the house. I’m getting a little bored with making completely flat-looking designs using software. I’m trying to use a little more texture these days.

I’m not sure if I even like the look of the collage background, but collages are too fun to make. I used to get terribly arty with collages a few years back, doing all sorts of crazy crap to scraps of paper (Cooking oil! Plastic wrap! Dental floss!) with all manner of mixed results.

One thing I do not recommend is Wintergreen oil. The oil is a handy way to transfer images from a photocopy to another piece of paper. I’ve run across a few craft websites that suggest wintergreen transfers are a fun and easy project that will make super cool art that smells like tasty chewing gum. LIARS, I say! It’s not easy, fun, or aromatic. Wintergreen oil is a deadly toxic substance, and so potent in minuscule quantities that cracking every window in the world will never get rid of the dizzying stench. WORST. COLLAGE. EVER.
Now you know.