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Gray is the color of classiness

Feb 16

I did a little remodeling to the site, so now I’ve got pink and gray as the main colors. Gray is the color of classiness, you know. I read an article a while ago that asked "How many graphic designers can the world need?" I decided to put a variation of that quote as the subtitle of this site.

I’ve made six new backgrounds that you can you use to decorate your website, blog, or profile. Three of them are kind of St. Patrick’s Day themed.

I experimented a bit with making 3D objects. They make a very cool effect, but I probably won’t be making too many of them in the future because my poor old computer doesn’t have the energy to handle them.
All 82 backgrounds are now available for direct linking, so when you click on any background you will see the necessary coding. Have fun!

I made another embroidery. I thought this fellow looked so dapper that he warranted his own embroidery. It’s based (loosely) on a photograph taken in 1915, so this gentleman was probably born 100 years before I was.