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BOO I Am Just Going to Draw Some Cowboys

Jun 26

I decided that I was going to create a unified group of patterns, much like
fabric collections that get released every season. How did that go? Frankly, not great.

There are some pretty florals here, but they are all done in different styles- photorealism, art deco, something vaguely Japanese…

Consistency is not my forte, apparently.

So then I was like BOO I am just going to draw some cowboys.

These are all people that were involved in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, which was a big deal at the turn of the century.


I’m just ONE WOMAN for goodness sakes

Jan 6

Somebody wrote me this week and asked me to make some new colors available for the silhouettes I’ve got posted here. So I added two new colors, and four new faces.

Each face is now available in seven different colors and in three different sizes, so there are almost 300 options to choose from (I’m quite the overachiever sometimes). Please let me know if you find any dead links- that was a lot of code and I’m just ONE WOMAN for goodness sakes.