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I’m just ONE WOMAN for goodness sakes

Jan 6

Somebody wrote me this week and asked me to make some new colors available for the silhouettes I’ve got posted here. So I added two new colors, and four new faces.

Each face is now available in seven different colors and in three different sizes, so there are almost 300 options to choose from (I’m quite the overachiever sometimes). Please let me know if you find any dead links- that was a lot of code and I’m just ONE WOMAN for goodness sakes.


Mademoiselle embroidery

Village Voice clipping

Orange You Glad I had Enough Thread?

Apr 10

I’ve been delayed in posting this, but I finished yet another embroidery.

It took a little over two skeins of orange thread to make the background. Since I split up the strands of thread, that’s over 100 feet of orange in an eight inch embroidery.
I gave an interview over at Feeling Stitchy last week, and I was also profiled a while back in the Mr X Stitch blog.

The nice folks over at Gallery Hanahou also sent me a copy of the February issue of the Village Voice, and my name is in it! I’ve been printed!

I haven’t posted many graphics in a while, so hopefully I’ll get some new ones up soon.