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My second favorite color is rainbow

Jun 13

I just added 13 new backgrounds, which is kind of a lot. And I have more new stuff waiting in the wings, so prepare for pattern overkill.

Since I’ve made so many of these things I figured it was time to get moderately organized. Now you can filter all the available patterns by color, a functionality I added solely because I am a nice person. By adding this code I learned that jQuery plug-ins will work within a WordPress context and also that my second favorite color is rainbow.


Bubble wrap and Exploded Ink

Apr 29

Eight new backgrounds have just been added. This group was made with India ink, bubble wrap, stamps from the Brooklyn flea market and the ink from a dry erase marker I tampered with (I ignore warning stickers about exploding ink, you know, because I’m a rebel).

I also have a Tumblr now, for posting stuff that I didn’t make. It’s mostly pretentious literary quotes, old photos (like the one above), and animated gifs of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Holy hiatus, Batman!

Mar 25

Holy hiatus, Batman!
I haven’t updated for a long time due to crazier than usual life circumstances. I’ve moved three times in six months and at one point was working like four jobs at the same time. But the clouds from the hurricane are starting to dissipate (and yes there was a literal hurricane, plus a minor earthquake and a small fire) so now I can get back to updating this stupid site again, though probably with less frequency than before.

I’ve updated the look of this place just a little bit, so if anything looks a little skewed or misaligned then it might just be temporary.

Other than that, four new backgrounds for today, plus hopefully many more to come!


Taco Napkins Are My Canvas

Oct 28

Just added eight new backgrounds, including two kinda silly skeleton-themed ones for Halloween.

And probably for the first time ever I didn’t use Illustrator to make any of these. In fact they’re mostly made with office supplies and old taco napkins. Let no one accuse me of not be resourceful.
Happy Halloween!

I wanna be sedated

Sep 18

Eight new backgrounds are up. Most all in black and white, since being in New York kinda makes me wish I had an alternate career as a punk rocker.


This Stuff’s Made in New York City!

Aug 4

I’ve added seven new backgrounds for you today.
I’m working on an eleven-year-old laptop with a battery that scalds people and a CD-ROM drive so dysfunctional that I now use it to store small notes. Also my fancy new(ish) digital camera has sadly been broken, presumably after taking a beating on the mean streets of the Big Apple. So if these images look a little more primitive than normal, it’s because they are.

I am still technically on vacation. This is like one of those vacations where like, you know, you get a part-time job and pay rent and sign up for classes and get a library card…


Miles of Tiles

Jun 3


There are twelve new backgrounds available today. I don’t usually do such big updates, but by adding these latest images I’m hitting a milestone: 300 patterns. I can’t believe I’ve made this many. Admittedly some are pretty crap but I’m talking quantity today, people.

Anyway, here we go again. Click on an image below for the full repeat, or see all 300 here.

Many thanks to all the readers of this blog. I could not have made it this far without the encouragement and feedback I’ve received over the years.

Kiss Them For Me

May 14

Six new backgrounds are now up!
To make this group of patterns, I used acrylic paint, markers, a circle template, design software, and um… lipstick.

I Blame Sonny Bono for the Mix-up

Apr 28

Oh hi.

Here are seven new backgrounds for you!

I don’t usually do colorways of the same design, but that floral just looked too good for me to decide. I took all the photos last week, during the height of allergy season, which involved a lot of sneezing. You see, I suffer for my art!

There’s also a pattern with the chorus from the song "California Here I Come." I don’t know if the song is under copyright or not. If I go by the date it was written, it’s public. If I go by the date it was first recorded, it may not be in the public domain until 2019. So it’s probably fine, but if not then I blame Sonny Bono for the mix-up.

I got ahold of a book of paper toys last week, and I thought, I COULD MAKE THESE MYSELF. And so I tried. Seven discarded printouts later, I had my own little creature- a smiling, goofy-looking house. Just print, cut, fold and glue to make your own paper friend. This fellow’s based on a fabric I’ve been selling for a while now.
There are about a million paper toys already available on the internet, but ummm… now there’s a million and one. I’m late for the paper toy party but at least I showed up!

May You Live in Interesting Times

Apr 15


Here’s a new wallpaper for you- MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES. I’ve heard it’s an ancient Chinese curse (though no one seems to be able to attribute it to China). This thing took ages to make, and I exhausted all my resources for public domain images.

Also, five new backgrounds. Four of them have a nautical theme. Did you know that the Titanic sank 99 years ago today?

Also I made a background of the cutouts from the wallpaper, since there was some good color to be had.

In my next life I’ll be a minimalist who finds harmony in beige and taupe. They say taupe is very soothing.