Black Friday

Nov 27

Well hello there.

Somebody wrote to me a while back and asked me to make a wallpaper with John Collier’s painting Priestess of Delphi, so I thought, yeah, sure, what the hell. So here’s a new wallpaper that ties in with two previous ones that I’ve made.
I’ve also made three new tiled backgrounds, all in blue. A shiny new penny to anyone who can tell me where the term "buffalo plaid" comes from.

Today I worked the 3AM Black Friday shift. YOU’RE WELCOME, shoppers of America.


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2 Responses to “Black Friday”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Love these. I made the pre-Raphaelites my background. Also, the last photo is hilarious.

  2. s Says:

    you’re the best.

    p.s. i use your backgrounds all the time for in-office memos. it ups my cool factor like 10 notches.