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The dizzying stench of minty freshness

Oct 27

Hi again. I’ve added nine new backgrounds.

To make this set I used drippy printer ink, tracing paper, the lace from an old tank-top and all manner of paper scraps lying around the house. I’m getting a little bored with making completely flat-looking designs using software. I’m trying to use a little more texture these days.

I’m not sure if I even like the look of the collage background, but collages are too fun to make. I used to get terribly arty with collages a few years back, doing all sorts of crazy crap to scraps of paper (Cooking oil! Plastic wrap! Dental floss!) with all manner of mixed results.

One thing I do not recommend is Wintergreen oil. The oil is a handy way to transfer images from a photocopy to another piece of paper. I’ve run across a few craft websites that suggest wintergreen transfers are a fun and easy project that will make super cool art that smells like tasty chewing gum. LIARS, I say! It’s not easy, fun, or aromatic. Wintergreen oil is a deadly toxic substance, and so potent in minuscule quantities that cracking every window in the world will never get rid of the dizzying stench. WORST. COLLAGE. EVER.
Now you know.