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Grover Cleveland, Again

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009


I’ve added five new backgrounds to the site. Take a look:

Backgrounds for July 21

This new update means Grover Cleveland has now appeared on this site on two non-consecutive occasions (1 & 2).

There’s also six new stationeries. Does anyone actually use stationery anymore? In case you ever need it, it’s here and it’s free.

Six Stationeries

I sometimes print my designs on fabric and sell them through my Etsy shop. Etsy user bamboobaby created this fancy little passport pocket using fabric printed with my acrobat design. It’s so cool to see one of my designs being put to a practical use!

Passport Wallet

I could have used something like this a few years ago to keep my passport looking presentable. As it stands though, I have to live with an absurdly lumpy passport until 2014, and will have to continue to explain to the customs guys at JFK that, yes, actually, I am aware that passports should not be put in a washing machine.

And technically, it went through a washboard.


Lots of new stuff

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Howdy, visitors.
Two new Christmas stationeries have been posted.
One new wallpaper.
44 new icons, mostly in the color section.
Also two new backgrounds.

Clip Art wallpaper


Ricky Gervais, in a cavernous laundromat

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I’ve updated the stationery section so that all the files are in PDF format, meaning higher quality! They’re also all exactly 8.5 x 11 inches, and there’s even two new designs up. They’re perfect for Christmas because they’re much higher quality than a lot of the other stuff you’ll find on the web, and I think they’re pretty classy looking.

There are eight new tiled backgrounds up, so check those out. I’m using some of them to make fabric at Spoonflower.

I add six new images to the Northern California travel gallery, and six to the Bay Area gallery as well.

On a totally unrelated note, I’ve put together this image of a dream I had a while ago. Most people are never really interested in hearing about other people’s dreams in detail, so I’ll just leave you with this image to ponder:

Ricky Gervais in a cavernous laundromat, with Lifesavers candy

With Love,