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My second favorite color is rainbow

Jun 13

I just added 13 new backgrounds, which is kind of a lot. And I have more new stuff waiting in the wings, so prepare for pattern overkill.

Since I’ve made so many of these things I figured it was time to get moderately organized. Now you can filter all the available patterns by color, a functionality I added solely because I am a nice person. By adding this code I learned that jQuery plug-ins will work within a WordPress context and also that my second favorite color is rainbow.


Holy hiatus, Batman!

Mar 25

Holy hiatus, Batman!
I haven’t updated for a long time due to crazier than usual life circumstances. I’ve moved three times in six months and at one point was working like four jobs at the same time. But the clouds from the hurricane are starting to dissipate (and yes there was a literal hurricane, plus a minor earthquake and a small fire) so now I can get back to updating this stupid site again, though probably with less frequency than before.

I’ve updated the look of this place just a little bit, so if anything looks a little skewed or misaligned then it might just be temporary.

Other than that, four new backgrounds for today, plus hopefully many more to come!