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The Beat Goes On…

Mar 26

Greetings and salutations.
Today I’m here to introduce you to the newest paper doll available for download: Betty the Beatnik!

You can dress her up in five tops, four bottoms, a dress, a neck scarf, and a beret (all in black, naturally). She also comes with some jazz LPs, a copy of On the Road and a package of Pall Malls.

In the course of making this I discovered that there’s a fine like between looking like a Beatnik and looking like a stereotypical French woman (berets and horizontal stripes for all!) I think Betty here could almost pass for modern were it not for the crazy granny underwear. I also discovered that my mother once went as a Beatnik for Halloween, circa 1959. So today I continue the family tradition of gently mocking the Beat Generation.


Let them eat cake

Jan 12

I’ve added a free paper doll, which is something I’ve been working on for the past few days. It’s a doll of Marie Antoinette, the French queen who met a gruesome end. She comes with four elaborate dresses and five wigs. I was hoping to make the doll a little larger, but her dresses turned out to be so oversized that I ended up shrinking the whole thing. Her majesty was not known for minimalism, after all. It is absolutely not historically accurate, as I am fairly sure that Marie Antoinette was never seen wearing giant snowglobe.

And best of all, because it is free, you can guillotine off her little paper head without remorse. I don’t know why I am so mean to paper.

Earlier today I was browsing through CRAFT Magazine‘s blog, and I came upon some familiar faces. So I freaked out a little because I MADE THAT. That is my terrible project. Tremendous!