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You Ain’t Never Been Blue…

Sep 3

You ain’t never been blue til you’ve had that mood indigo… Eight new backgrounds are up, all in blues.
Apologies for the months between updates, I had shit to do! I’ve moved twice since then, and have been dedicating most of my energy to fixing up an apartment that has seen better days. Among other things, I MacGyver’ed my own light fixtures out of embroidery hoops, duct tape, and pennies (9 cents to be exact), and strategically hung a gallery wall to cover up the erratically spaced electrical outlets (did someone try to plug a toaster into the ceiling?!). Now that the seemingly endless string of DIYs is winding down, I’ve found the time to share what I’ve been working on.
The ‘Excelsior’ toile took ages to make. I ran all over town to get photos and had to learn about Phrygian caps. I might make it into a fabric so that more of the details are visible.
There are also some microscope images, some improvised shibori dyed fabric, and a paisley block print made from a block ordered directly from Jaipur.



Oct 31

Seven new backgrounds today. Lately I’ve been working like crazy, and after staring at a computer screen for six days I just can’t bring myself to open Photoshop on my one day off. But now I have some natural-disaster enforced free time. Hurricane Sandy knocked out power at my workplace and flooded the subways I need to get there.

I was extremely lucky, I never lost power, and the only marks of Sandy in my immediate neighborhood are downed trees. There are a lot of people who have been through and continue to face much more dire effects from this storm, so please keep them in your thoughts.


I wanna be sedated

Sep 18

Eight new backgrounds are up. Most all in black and white, since being in New York kinda makes me wish I had an alternate career as a punk rocker.


This Stuff’s Made in New York City!

Aug 4

I’ve added seven new backgrounds for you today.
I’m working on an eleven-year-old laptop with a battery that scalds people and a CD-ROM drive so dysfunctional that I now use it to store small notes. Also my fancy new(ish) digital camera has sadly been broken, presumably after taking a beating on the mean streets of the Big Apple. So if these images look a little more primitive than normal, it’s because they are.

I am still technically on vacation. This is like one of those vacations where like, you know, you get a part-time job and pay rent and sign up for classes and get a library card…