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A Half-assed Update about Macerated Wheat

Feb 28

Hi. I’ve only got four new backgrounds for you this time.

I was working on making more but then I realized that I hadn’t posted an update the entire month of February and felt guilted into posting these early.

One of the backgrounds is a collection of old advertisements found in the back of science magazines printed between 1917 and 1923. This background took an enormous amount of time to make and it involved me typing out full-scale promotions for such products as vacuum hats, canoe glue, and macerated wheat. And in the end I had to shrink the damn thing so much you can’t even read all the amazing things these terrible products promise. Oh well. It was not a golden age for advertising.
I am working on creating a new wallpaper, but the new image is so large that my poor old computer
can barely stand to open it. Lately I’ve been reading entire Russian novels while waiting for Photoshop to load (Mr. Karamazov, you old lecher!).