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Christmas Labels for the Lazy

Nov 12

Heeeey here are some new retro gift tags you can download for free. I put them all together so they are easy to cut out, because you know, the LAZY. I mean I’ll spend hours drawing these things (and translating them into 3 languages) but when it comes to cutting them out I refuse to do more than a few straight lines. Someone please invent magic laser scissors for me, and for all humanity’s crafting needs.

See all available gift tags, or download this set:

I lapse into Spanglish sin razón

Dec 14

I’ve made some new printable gift tags for your Christmas presents. I crammed all the labels together this time so that it takes less effort to cut them out. There are two other sheets of labels also available on this site from previous years, but this particular sheet is muy especial. This year the labels are también disponible en español because ¡porque no! Also I think the words for ‘To’ and ‘From’ are the same in Spanish and Portuguese, so that means they are also disponível em português. Oh yeah that’s right, I’m all international now. En serio.
Download the new PDF or See all available gift tags.

Also I drew a wallpaper.
A really pessimistic wallpaper.

Happy Holidays and Feliz Navidad and all that. I will try to stop lapsing into Spanglish sin razón but I make no guarantees.

Christmas with MS Paint

Dec 11

I’ve added four new Christmas-colored backgrounds.

There’s also a new PDF of some printable gift tags. They’re free to print and use, though this new batch takes a little longer to load than might be expected.
On a totally unrelated note, a while back I decided that I was going to create something arty and amazing using only MS Paint. For those who have never used this magical program, MS Paint is a horrible pixelly drawing tool that comes free on your PC. It’s also been around for a very long time (I remember running it on Windows 3.1) and unlike so much software, Paint never seems to improve with time. I was planning on making some kind of MS Paint masterpiece, but then I decided that life is probably too short for this crap so I’m going to post what I’ve already done and walk away.

I’ve updated the links at the top of the site to include a link to my Spoonflower fabric shop. I get a small commission on the sale of any of my designs, and there’s 13 patterns available to choose from.

Happy Holidays!


There You Have It

Dec 23

Happy holiday greetings!
I’ve added one new background and uploaded some brand new holiday gift tags. I don’t suppose gift tags are all that useful one day before Christmas, but there you have them.
Happy Holidays!