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Gray is the color of classiness

Feb 16

I did a little remodeling to the site, so now I’ve got pink and gray as the main colors. Gray is the color of classiness, you know. I read an article a while ago that asked "How many graphic designers can the world need?" I decided to put a variation of that quote as the subtitle of this site.

I’ve made six new backgrounds that you can you use to decorate your website, blog, or profile. Three of them are kind of St. Patrick’s Day themed.

I experimented a bit with making 3D objects. They make a very cool effect, but I probably won’t be making too many of them in the future because my poor old computer doesn’t have the energy to handle them.
All 82 backgrounds are now available for direct linking, so when you click on any background you will see the necessary coding. Have fun!

I made another embroidery. I thought this fellow looked so dapper that he warranted his own embroidery. It’s based (loosely) on a photograph taken in 1915, so this gentleman was probably born 100 years before I was.

Hand-Sewn Portraits of Minor Television Celebrities

Feb 3

For valentine’s Day, I’ve added four new backgrounds done in red. There are two other new backgrounds available that are a little less Valentine’s themed, if you’re not in the mood to celebrate.
I just wanted to say a quick thanks to any subscribers of the RSS feed. Last month was Totally Severe’s busiest month ever, due in no small part to the fine folks at CRAFT magazine, who mentioned my embroideries on two occasions.

Don’t forget about Forget Me-Not! The above embroideries will also be for sale at the show. I am curious to find out if a market exists for hand-sewn portraits of minor television celebrities.

On Broadway

Jan 28

I’ve sent off my little embroideries to New York City, and so very soon they will be on display in a gallery on Broadway. A bit more info about the show is below, or you can visit the gallery’s website.

The great part about all this is that I get to brag that I was in a show on Broadway. Much in the same way that I brag about attending Stanford (I was there for three days being trained how to make a high school yearbook. Really, does it get any nerdier than yearbook camp?).
Here are links to the other artists participating in the show:
Aimee Ray, Apol Lejano-Massebieau, Diem Chau, Emily Eibel, Emily Katz, Heidi Kenney, Jenny Harada, Jessica Marquez, Joetta Maue, Kate Durkin, Katherine Shaughnessy, Kayte Terry, Kris Garland, Kristen Rask, Mary Yaeger, Molly Dilworth, Nicole Licht, Orly Cogan, Pamela Davis, samski*art, Shanna Fiorucci, Shannon Rankin, Vanessa Lauria, Vivienne Strauss

Anyway… I’ve added four new very bright and very eclectic backgrounds to the site.

Ciao for now,

Dr. Phil bakes the best cookies

Jan 25

Howdy visitors!
I have been busy sewing some new embroideries because I was invited to participate in an embroidery show at Gallery Hanahou in the SOHO district of New York City. They have a show called ‘Forget Me-Not’ and I am sending in three of my embroideries. I live 3,000 miles away from New York, so I won’t get to see my poor little creations on display, but if you just happen to live in or near the area you should definitely visit. The show runs from February 6th through the 27th.

Anyway, I’ve also added two new backgrounds, and a new section of printable silhouettes. I don’t know if anyone will actually use them, but at least they were fun to make. I used public domain images for the profiles, so the silhouettes are mostly of Civil War soldiers and wanna-be Gibson girls.