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Internet Memes and Unoriginality

Monday, April 6th, 2009


Since I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery lately, I decided that I’d make some embroidery patterns. A lot of embroidery patterns are a little on the cutesy side, so I decided I’d make some that are more current. Enter the internet memes.

Memes preview

Now you can Rickroll your hand towels!

These are embroidery patterns of internet memes. There’s a lolcat, the skateboarding dog, the ORLY owl, the dramatic chipmunk/gopher, and Rick Astley. This pattern sheet is for personal use only, and since I’m not sure who owns the copyrights of each meme it’s probably better you don’t sell anything you make with these.

The full size PDF is available (for free, of course) here

There was a strange little snag in my plans though, and within minutes of posting these patterns on Flickr (minutes, I tell you!) I discovered that the lovely user kittyzilla not only thought of embroidering internet memes first, but also made a whole quilt of them! You can take a look at her (nearly) completed quilt, and if nothing else you have to see the amazing likeness she made of the dramatic chipmunk/gopher.

This is not the first time I have stumbled unwittingly onto the same artistic path as someone else.

After I posted my Price is Right embroidery, I came across an artist named Rob Conger who also was inspired by the show. He created a large woven rug of the famous wheel back in 1999, proving that I am definitely not the first to depict the game show using thread.
Also, back in January I posted some free stickers of happy faces that I hoped people would stick on every object they owned. Browsing the internet one day, I came across a post at the blog Color Me Katie that encourages the same kind of ridiculous behavior.

And lastly, when looking around for interesting posters to buy, I found that the Polish poster for the movie Fatal Attraction bears a strange resemblance to a background I posted a while back.

Fatal Attraction Poster and my work

Maybe I am over-thinking these things.