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I Can’t Resist Blinding Colors

Mar 23

Well hello.
I’ve added eight new backgrounds for you.
I spent some time making faux-Rorschach inkblots on computer paper using acrylic paint. They don’t resemble their inspiration all that much because I couldn’t resist adding some blinding colors.

Have a good day!

A Half-assed Update about Macerated Wheat

Feb 28

Hi. I’ve only got four new backgrounds for you this time.

I was working on making more but then I realized that I hadn’t posted an update the entire month of February and felt guilted into posting these early.

One of the backgrounds is a collection of old advertisements found in the back of science magazines printed between 1917 and 1923. This background took an enormous amount of time to make and it involved me typing out full-scale promotions for such products as vacuum hats, canoe glue, and macerated wheat. And in the end I had to shrink the damn thing so much you can’t even read all the amazing things these terrible products promise. Oh well. It was not a golden age for advertising.
I am working on creating a new wallpaper, but the new image is so large that my poor old computer
can barely stand to open it. Lately I’ve been reading entire Russian novels while waiting for Photoshop to load (Mr. Karamazov, you old lecher!).


Bad nostalgia for a Mastercard commerical

Jan 24


Here are seven new backgrounds for you.

According to Pantone, the hot new color for 2011 is ‘Honeysuckle’ (AKA pink). But I’m going with my own selection, seafoam green. Not because it’s a flattering color for fashion but because I’m a little sick of pink. Maybe pink should be used sparingly, much like habanero chilies or Botox injections. A little bit goes a long way.

Ciao for now!

My vast personal library of llama photos

Jan 4

I’ve created eight new backgrounds this time, bringing the total number of patterns I’ve made up to (a pretty ridiculous) 250.

That background with the janitorial supplies pretty much illustrates my 2010. It was a rough year for me. Rough to a point of hilarity (Run out of a burning building? Check. Fend off a gypsy robbery? Check.)

In making the drama llama background I was able to draw entirely from my vast personal library of llama photos. No, seriously. I really have taken an unusually large number of llama-related photos.
Happy New Year’s, everybody! Here’s to 2011! Good riddance, 2010!

Black Friday

Nov 27

Well hello there.

Somebody wrote to me a while back and asked me to make a wallpaper with John Collier’s painting Priestess of Delphi, so I thought, yeah, sure, what the hell. So here’s a new wallpaper that ties in with two previous ones that I’ve made.
I’ve also made three new tiled backgrounds, all in blue. A shiny new penny to anyone who can tell me where the term "buffalo plaid" comes from.

Today I worked the 3AM Black Friday shift. YOU’RE WELCOME, shoppers of America.


The dizzying stench of minty freshness

Oct 27

Hi again. I’ve added nine new backgrounds.

To make this set I used drippy printer ink, tracing paper, the lace from an old tank-top and all manner of paper scraps lying around the house. I’m getting a little bored with making completely flat-looking designs using software. I’m trying to use a little more texture these days.

I’m not sure if I even like the look of the collage background, but collages are too fun to make. I used to get terribly arty with collages a few years back, doing all sorts of crazy crap to scraps of paper (Cooking oil! Plastic wrap! Dental floss!) with all manner of mixed results.

One thing I do not recommend is Wintergreen oil. The oil is a handy way to transfer images from a photocopy to another piece of paper. I’ve run across a few craft websites that suggest wintergreen transfers are a fun and easy project that will make super cool art that smells like tasty chewing gum. LIARS, I say! It’s not easy, fun, or aromatic. Wintergreen oil is a deadly toxic substance, and so potent in minuscule quantities that cracking every window in the world will never get rid of the dizzying stench. WORST. COLLAGE. EVER.
Now you know.


I Dream in Pattern

Sep 22

I am still alive! And I’ve added ten new images.

I made this batch of backgrounds using a bunch of different mediums: design software, collage, acrylic, cheap watercolor and imported Venetian ink. When I was done painting, I scanned the paper towel that I used to sop up the extra paint, so now that’s a background too.
I will try to update more often!

Where the Jackalopes Roam

Jul 15

I’ve added three new backgrounds…and two new wallpapers.
This one features the mythical jackalope, a taxidermist’s fusion of a rabbit with antlers that roams freely (and fictionally) in the Southwest. I was sort of fascinated with these things as a kid. And really, any excuse to draw a bunny.

And this one is a quote from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. I am trying to read lots of the classic books that I’m told everyone reads in high school (though I don’t think anyone actually does anymore, because I definitely didn’t). As hard as I am trying with this, I had brief relapse from the scheduled reading plan when I picked up a copy of Twilight (and shut up you know it was awesome. It’s like eating candy for dinner).


Wonky Cursive

Jun 30

Greetings, I’ve added a new wallpaper to the site. I’ve also made three new backgrounds

…And a new font. Cursive fonts are terribly difficult to make, especially with the cheesy free software I’m using, so this typeface is a little wonky looking. Probably works better at smaller sizes.

That’s all for today!

All Over the Place

Jun 1

Hello again.
I’ve got seven new background patterns!I drew some of them by hand and some with software this week, so I’m all over the place with colors and styles. Drawing these things by hand tends to make them look a little more old-fashioned (or at least more homemade) than what I usually do with software and a mouse. But I’ve got to mix things up now and then.Yours,