My Computer Outlives Tree Frogs

Aug 12

I’ve made five new backgrounds. Take a look.
My computer is now six years old, which is pretty old for a desktop I suppose. It seems like I’ve put it through a lot of torture over the years (heavy usage, four moves, power outages, viruses, etc.) but it still manages to cling to life. I read somewhere on the internet (so it must be true) that the lifespan of the average desktop computer is three to five years, or (amazingly enough!) about the lifespan of a small tree frog. The next time you buy a computer, buy a pet tree frog on the same day. Feed, care for, and love your tree frog, and when it dies of old age you will know it’s time to replace your hardware. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Not Actually a Sesquicentennial

Aug 1

Greetings again,
I’ve added seven new backgrounds to the site. I don’t normally use a lot of white in my designs, so I went out on a limb this time to try something a little different.

I’ve now officially designed over 150 different backgrounds. If it took a year to make each one, then this would be the Sesquicentennial. But it doesn’t take a year, of course. I just wanted an excuse to use the word sesquicentennial. And I did. TWICE.
I think that’s it for today.

Grover Cleveland, Again

Jul 21

I’ve added five new backgrounds to the site.

Take a look. This new update means Grover Cleveland has now appeared on this site on two non-consecutive

occasions (1 & 2).


Some Day I’ll Make it to Disneyland

Jul 12

Finally I have gotten around to getting some updates on this silly website.

I’ve got four new background patterns for you.
I’ve also updated the travel section with some new photos of Los Angeles. I was there for three days in June, which finally gave me some time to see some of the touristy stuff that all Californians are required to know about. I feel like such a bad Californian sometimes; I’ve lived here my whole life but I’ve never been to Disneyland, Alcatraz, or Yosemite.
That’s it for today.

The Summer of George

Jun 10

I’ve added six new backgrounds, and here they are.

My internet is touch-and-go lately, or rather touch-and-not-go. If I touch the wireless router, my internet stops working. Earlier today I accidentally nudged it and I got a blue screen of death error. Lousy breakable technology. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SUMMER OF GEORGE.

Geocities in Dust

May 27

I’ve drawn five more backgrounds for your viewing pleasure.

My first website host, Geocities, announced last month that they are closing down.
I made my first Geocites website in 1998, back when the internet was still new and it was unusual (and slightly unsavory) for middle schoolers to have webpages.
I’m sad to see Geocities disappear, but I can’t say I’m surprised that they’re going under. There are better, easier to use alternatives now. Thanks for the memories.

Thanks, Rand McNally

May 23

It’s been over a month since I’ve added any new backgrounds, so here’s a new batch.
As always, the newest designs can always be found at the bottom of the backgrounds page. I’m really liking the collage one, but good luck finding your icons! There’s also a design with some Sacramento landmarks. Sacramento needs more love. In my fourth grade textbook the city was spelled wrong on the state map. Thanks, Rand McNally.

Emperor Commodus Finds Something Better to do with his Thumbs

Emperor Commodus, in Another Life

May 21

Another embroidery!
It’s called "Emperor Commodus Finds Something Better to do with his Thumbs." It’s supposed to look reasonably like Joaquin Phoenix in the movie Gladiator, but much like the real Joaquin Phoenix, this embroidery turned out to be difficult to work with. In the movie, Emperor Commodus gets to decide whether a gladiator lives or dies by pointing his thumbs up or down, so I figure he should use his thumbs for good instead of evil and just hitchhike to San Francisco.
He’d fit in in San Francisco. He’s already kind of has flowers in his hair, and historically the city has been tolerant of crazy, self-proclaimed emperors.

Sorry for the kind of lame picture of it- it’s 10 inches across (my largest embroidery yet) and it won’t fit on my scanner.
So there you have it.

BEAN embroidery

A Can of Beans

May 4

I’ve made another embroidery, this time of Mr. Bean on a can of beans.

I think S&W brand beans are sold only on the West Coast, but that isn’t to say that the brand doesn’t somehow manage to get around the world.
I haven’t seen Mr. Bean on TV lately, except on Telemundo. This works out well enough, because very little is lost in the translation to Spanish.

Five backgrounds

Apr 24

I’ve added five new backgrounds to the site.