All of these fonts were created using various free software programs. I don’t have much control over the kerning, so they all tend to have a handmade look. These fonts are FREE for personal and commercial use. You may use the fonts in any projects, but the actual .ttf files must not be used for profit. Attribution to TotallySevere.com is not required, though I’d love to see if anyone ever finds a use for them.

To download, right click on a font and select ‘Save link As.’

These are TrueType fonts, which should work for both PCs and Macs.
To install on a PC: Go to Start> Control Panel> Fonts, then drag the file into the folder.
To install on a Mac: Double click on the font, then click ‘Install.’

Creme Brule- A cursive font
Sutter's Fort
Queen of Hearts- a sans-serif font with hearts for 'O'sMontgomery: A film noir font in all capitals

Monster Mash: A creepy, dripping typeface
I Shot Jesse James: A Western style font with Egyptian serifsQuarter Moon: An angular and bulky typeface
Aunt Bea: A curly, half-cursive hanwritten fontSchoolgirl: A handwritten font with round edges