These are the products of idle hands and a disturbed mind. Each of these suckers takes about a week to make. I have Photoshopped out all the wrinkles from these embroideries because my iron (I own an iron!) won’t do it and it’s my right as an American, dammit!
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own embroideries: a needle, various colors of embroidery floss, scissors, a hoop, a chalk pencil, an old bedsheet, and the patience of a nun.

Napoleon’s Little Pony (*SOLD!*)


Star Trek: Set Phasers on Stunning (*SOLD!*)

star trek

Serenity Now! ("You’re not giving away our Waterpik!") (*SOLD*)
serenity now

Lucky in Love (*SOLD!*)
Lucky In Love

Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil bake Valentines Day cookies
Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray

The Dapper Gentleman

The Dapper Gentleman

Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse! (*SOLD!*)
Milhouse embroidery

Mademoiselle embroidery

Dr. House’s Vicodin Dream (*SOLD!*)
Dr. House's Vicodin Dreams

Can of Beans

Can of Beans

Emperor Commodus Finds Something Better to do with his Thumbs

Emperor Commodus

30 Rock (In the style of Raphael)
30 Rock

Make it Work (Tim Gunn)Tim Gunn

Amy Winehouse, Bird’s Nest

Amy Winehouse

Schrute Farms

Schrute Farms