Yeah Science!

Mar 16

Twelve new backgrounds are up.
This set is made using a digital microscope, so in other words these are made with SCIENCE. These have all been digitally manipulated from their original slides. I’m not interested in identifying what the original animal/vegetable/mineral forms were, mostly because I didn’t write it down but also because I think it distracts from what I’m going for here, which is just wallpapers.

The last time I took a science class was over 10 years ago, so it’s been interesting wading in the shallow end of a very deep and very different pool. Most of these patterns made themselves: I found Keith Haring paintings trapped cross sections of mushrooms, perfect chevrons in tree barks, cherry blossoms in blood cells. Micro-photography is certainly not a hobby for the squeamish, but it’s been really interesting to catch a glimpse of the strange stained-glass of the natural world.

More to come, I’m sure, since now I own a freaking microscope.


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