This Stuff’s Made in New York City!

Aug 4

I’ve added seven new backgrounds for you today.
I’m working on an eleven-year-old laptop with a battery that scalds people and a CD-ROM drive so dysfunctional that I now use it to store small notes. Also my fancy new(ish) digital camera has sadly been broken, presumably after taking a beating on the mean streets of the Big Apple. So if these images look a little more primitive than normal, it’s because they are.

I am still technically on vacation. This is like one of those vacations where like, you know, you get a part-time job and pay rent and sign up for classes and get a library card…


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2 Responses to “This Stuff’s Made in New York City!”

  1. Alice Says:

    you’re so prolific i can’t beleive it !

  2. Meg Says:

    These are so beautiful.