Royal Parade of Awesome Hats

Apr 30


I tried to watch the royal wedding live but I passed out around 4 AM. I didn’t see the whole ceremony until later, and on the second go I took a lot more notice of the parade of funny looking hats pouring into Westminster Abbey.
Princess Beatrice is getting mocked a bit for wearing a particularly ridiculous hat, and the hat’s turning into a meme. But I kind of love it when people wear crazy hats. Does everybody remember when Aretha Franklin wore a crazy hat? Good times.

Best wishes to the newlyweds!

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3 Responses to “Royal Parade of Awesome Hats”

  1. Pat Green Says:

    Yes it was a ridiculous hat but it will be remembered. Love this though, thanks.

  2. Sarah Says:

    A ridiculous hat is better than no hat. Also I heard Princess Beatrice is auctioning it off for UNICEF, so the hat’s notoriety is going to a good cause.

  3. world clock Says:

    Totally Severe » Blog Archive » Royal Parade of Awesome Hats – just great!