I Blame Sonny Bono for the Mix-up

Apr 28

Oh hi.

Here are seven new backgrounds for you!

I don’t usually do colorways of the same design, but that floral just looked too good for me to decide. I took all the photos last week, during the height of allergy season, which involved a lot of sneezing. You see, I suffer for my art!

There’s also a pattern with the chorus from the song "California Here I Come." I don’t know if the song is under copyright or not. If I go by the date it was written, it’s public. If I go by the date it was first recorded, it may not be in the public domain until 2019. So it’s probably fine, but if not then I blame Sonny Bono for the mix-up.

I got ahold of a book of paper toys last week, and I thought, I COULD MAKE THESE MYSELF. And so I tried. Seven discarded printouts later, I had my own little creature- a smiling, goofy-looking house. Just print, cut, fold and glue to make your own paper friend. This fellow’s based on a fabric I’ve been selling for a while now.
There are about a million paper toys already available on the internet, but ummm… now there’s a million and one. I’m late for the paper toy party but at least I showed up!

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2 Responses to “I Blame Sonny Bono for the Mix-up”

  1. United Styles Says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Been following you at your website and Spoonflower!

    Please email me at monica.bhagwandin@unitedstyles.com
    I need your direct email address please


  2. Alisha Says:

    Thank you so much! This is lovely!