Where the Jackalopes Roam

Jul 15

I’ve added three new backgrounds…and two new wallpapers.
This one features the mythical jackalope, a taxidermist’s fusion of a rabbit with antlers that roams freely (and fictionally) in the Southwest. I was sort of fascinated with these things as a kid. And really, any excuse to draw a bunny.

And this one is a quote from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. I am trying to read lots of the classic books that I’m told everyone reads in high school (though I don’t think anyone actually does anymore, because I definitely didn’t). As hard as I am trying with this, I had brief relapse from the scheduled reading plan when I picked up a copy of Twilight (and shut up you know it was awesome. It’s like eating candy for dinner).


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One Response to “Where the Jackalopes Roam”

  1. Ess Bee Says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Just wanted to say I recently found your little site and I love it. I have to change my desktop wallpaper weekly now so I can use all of the neat designs you have. This Thoreau one is great. I dig your style!

    Thanks for all the neat stuff.

    ~Another Sarah