Shrute Farms embroidery

Everyone Loves Beets

Apr 20

I’ve finally finished this embroidery. It’s been staring at me (and pretty intently, for an inanimate object) for weeks and I sewed the last bit up this afternoon.

It’s Dwight Schrute from "The Office," whose character owns a beet farm. There’s a scarcity of Schrute related art. Why, friends?

I’ve also made a new font, named after a fort built in 1839 in my hometown of Sacramento. Because, well, why not?Have a lovely Tuesday!

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14 Responses to “Everyone Loves Beets”

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  2. Pam Says:

    This makes me so ridiculously happy.

  3. Bonney Says:

    I love this! You are a very clever lady!

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    […] Schrute-Related Art of the Day: Rogue merit badge maker Sarah @ Totally Severe has just completed her latest hand-crafted pop-culture embroidery, which she dedicated to the world’s worst coworker, Dwight Schrute. […]

  5. Bo Says:

    What’s up with all the beat hatred in the world? Everyone should like beets!

    Love the piece

  6. kapgar Says:

    That is too cool for words.

    Any chance you will be selling replicas?

  7. Chloe Says:

    Ha ha, so awesome! I love Dwight and beets! (P.s. thanks for the link)

  8. theue Says:

    you’re amazing!

  9. Jeanne of bermudabluez Says:

    What a terrific job you did on this!!! I love Dwight….beets….not so much!!

  10. Shelley Says:

    I love it, such great work!

  11. henry Says:

    I’d like to put that embroidered patch on a hat. very cool, Sarah.

  12. Amanda Says:

    I love this font (and all your amazing embroidery for that matter)it’s so hip and nifty that it almost makes me want to revisit Sutter’s Fort… but then I reconsidered because I think 11 times is enough…

    Love you blog <3

  13. Teeg Says:

    You are heroic.

    I just did a google image search for “Dwight Beets” and when I saw your embroidery work come up, I got all tingly.


  14. Melissa Says:

    Sarah, WOW this is so awesome! Are you selling this embroidered patch?? My friend would LOVE this for Christmas and I would love to buy it from you if you are selling? Write me back and let me know!!! Thank you, Melissa