Amy Winehouse embroidery

Amy Winehouse embroidery- back

Voiceless Palatal Fricatives

Mar 7

Hi there,
I’m back with a new embroidery.

I’ve never seen Amy Winehouse in real life, but I’m guessing birds could comfortably nest in her giant beehive. Apologies for the bad scan. In real life it looks almost like a graphic design instead of an embroidery. At least until you look at the back.

I’m always curious to see what other embroideries look like on the back. It’s sort of interesting in its own messy, abstract way.

I’ve also got a brand new font. This took an amazingly long time to create because the program I normally use up and decided to start charging me money to use it. So I had do research and download a new program to make this thing, and it took nearly a month to get it finished. So I probably won’t be making too many fonts from now on.

I was going to draw the Queen of Diamonds but I heard she’ll beat you if she’s able. Yes, that really was a "Desperado" reference.

This font also has a lot more characters than the others, so if you ever needed to use the Icelandic alphabet or the IPA symbol for a voiceless palatal fricative, then this is for you!


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12 Responses to “Voiceless Palatal Fricatives”

  1. Amy Winehouse Embroidered Portrait | Crafts Kids :: Free Crafts Network Says:

    […] From the brilliant embroideress, Sarah of Totally Severe, who brought you Tim Gunn in stitches, behold the amazing details of Amy Winehouse. […]

  2. Lux Says:

    Awesomeness. Amy is beautiful and feminine… in stitches. “Queen” font is neat-o too – which font generator did you use? I did like, but $12 is a bit rich if one has many fonts in mind.

  3. RudeNun Says:


  4. Emily Says:

    Your embroideries are really getting awesome. Not that they weren’t awesome before. They are just getting awesomer. Also I love the International Phonetic Alphabet, for reals.

  5. Sarah Says: used to be free to use, so that’s how I made all the previous fonts. I used Type Light to make the Queen of Hearts font:
    It’s a lot more time-consuming to use, and I’m still sort of looking for a program that’s a little easier.

  6. Raven Says:

    Wow, well done. Have you been out ridin’ fences, for toooo long now?

  7. LC Ebanks Says:

    God you rock SO hard…You are my new favorite here on the internets!!!
    Keep doing what you do 😉

  8. Sarah Says:

    Oh, I’m a hard one, but you know that I got my reasons.

  9. elsie Says:

    your work is soooooo amazing- I HAD to show it off:
    take a peek!


  10. SundayChild Says:


  11. jan Says:

    Your portrait is beautiful. I hope someday Ms. Winehouse will be as happy as your stitches portray her. The back is a fascinating peek! Really nice!

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow, I just found this blog by following a link from sublime stiching! This is beautiful keep up the good work.