Tim Gunn Embroidery

An attempt to Make it Work

Jan 23

I made this embroidery of Tim Gunn from Project Runway, because really, who doesn’t love Tim Gunn?
I don’t usually do this style of embroidery, but I wanted to try out some redwork. This outline portrait took about a fifth of the time it normally takes me to finish an embroidery, and I think it looks a lot more realistic.

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25 Responses to “An attempt to Make it Work”

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  2. amanda Says:

    this is AWESOME…I’d love to do this on a Tshirt or pillow for my sewing room. Do you have any plans to digitize it and sell it? This looks like something Urban threads would love….

    great work!

  3. busgirlbrown Says:

    I absolutely love this! Great job, Sarah!

  4. Ann @allthingspaper Says:

    What a terrific likeness – you should send it to him!

  5. rosemary Says:

    What fabulous work! I’m completely in awe.

  6. Rachel Says:

    I just clicked over from Craft. This is so, so fabulous! You totally made it work!

  7. Jae Says:

    Beautiful work! It looks exactly like him. I agree that you should send it to him.

  8. Andrea Says:

    Very clever – I love it!

  9. uberVU - social comments Says:

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by moore60526: @tomandlorenzo Check this Tim Gunn Embroidery out! http://www.totallysevere.com/2010/01/an-attempt-to-make-it-work/

  10. Tori Says:

    OMG. This is amazing!! I love it. I freaked out when I saw it.

  11. Rycrafty Says:

    I totally need this framed, and hung above my desk! I would also definitely buy a pattern…

  12. Pat Says:

    Great job, looks just like him. If you digitize this for machine embroidery I would definitely be interested! I also think you should at least send him a photo of your handiwork.

  13. Helena Says:

    I’m a fan!


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  15. Pat Says:

    Wow! I’m inspired. Lying in bed, recovering from a long illness, Project Runway kept me sane! Love the Gunn, love your work!

  16. Melanie (Kimono Reincarnate) Says:

    I love it! And yep, you gotta love Tim. I miss being able to get PR on Youtube!

  17. Denise Says:

    OMG! I absolutely love that! I love Tim! Fabulous!What a great idea and great stitching as well

  18. Carol Says:

    I NEED this! Tell me where to send the money! It’s the perfect inspiration for crafty gals.

  19. Teri Velazquez Says:

    This is Fabulous!!!!!!!! He would love it!!!!

  20. amy (sew~amy) Says:

    love it and love Tim Gunn.

  21. Christy Says:

    This is pure, absolute stitchery brilliance! Love!!

  22. Shannon Says:

    Wow. I NEED that. Brilliant!

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  24. dawn Says:

    LOVE THIS! You did a great job!

  25. Guin Says:

    Love your “Make It Work” moment your Tim Gunn is awesome. Project Runway, Tim Gunn and you ROCK!