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November 29 2023

An eclectic mix of nine new patterns. Aside from the two patterns at the top, I've been focusing more on smaller, simpler designs that aren't as time-consuming to make.
This is inspired by childhood visits to Apple Hill, a collection of family farms in Camino, California that open their doors every autumn for tourists and lovers of apple pie. This took me about a month to draw. "Spolia" are remnants of ancient stones reincorporated into more modern walls, a kind of recycling of Roman bas-reliefs. I made my own version, which involved drawing the whole thing sideways to keep all the lines going the same direction. This is based on a poem by Algernon Charles Swinburne called Hymn to Proserpine. Nine vases Monarch butterflies and poppies A tessellation of suns A blue and red tessellation with medallions. This fits together like puzzle pieces, almost Simple symmetrical flowers This is kind of a foulard meets suzani in an ancient Egyptian layout